• The “Green Hunt” heads are supposed to be fixed on a wall, either wood, concrete or brick. 

  • Do not use the head to make a new hole. Use a conventional method to make a hole size 5-7 in your wall, test it with an ordinary screw first, then gently screw the head after. 

  • Do not screw it too tight. Choose to leave it a little distant from the wall if the turn cannot be finished until the head is straight.

  • Be careful when screwing the head into the wall as the wood can leave marks on the wall. 

  • Add the ears by folding the flat ends and introducing them into the lower holes.  

  • Add branches or anything your imagination can give. :)

  • If the branch is too thick carve the branch to fit into the hole .

  • If it is too thin insert a tiny piece of flat wood together with the branch.

  • Weight limit has not been tested yet so keep your creativity under common sense size.


  • Sometimes when you screw the head out of the wall the screw remain on the wall. That happen because the head was screwed too tight against the wall. You can put the screw back with the aid of a plyer. 

  • You may notice some stain in the leather ears. This happens because the burned head is coated with linseed oil. Sometimes the leather ears soak the oil. Don’t worry, the oil will spread out through the leather and give it a beautiful tone.