Majestic Natur is starting an interactive animal collection with the deer. A very iconic animal in Scandinavia. We have decided to use this mythological archetype and translate it into the minimalist lines of modern danish design. We want to bring traditions, values and beliefs from the past together with the simplicity and aesthetics of the present. All that with an important value: A healthy interaction with nature.

This collection is made with 100% upcycled wood. The pieces are one of a kind. They are truly handmade, as up to 80% of the piece is totally made without machines. Small differences in proportion, look and some mark on the recycled wood are totally welcome as part of the products’ identity.


As you notice the deer pieces are very different from each other. Never will one piece be the same as the other. Every new piece is a surprise and we look forward to see what new texture will come. 

But nature is not the only factor of uniqueness. Very often marks of use (Cracks, holes, scratches, etc) in the wood will still be visible. It is upcycled after all!

We use to see it not as wood marks, but as deer scars. Our deer have had quite a life! 

If you are ordering online, please be open to these differences. The piece you order will not look like the ones on the website.